Pipeline Construction
  • Riyadah has Executed EPC & PC Pipeline Projects
  • Included in Aramco MFC Bid Slate for Maintain Potential Projects
  • We Handle all Types of Pipelines Including Oil & Gas
  • Riyadah can Construct Pipelines:
           >  Of any size and Length
           >  In all Terrains and in any Part of the Country
  • Has the Knowhow for Constructing Pipelines Efficiently
  • Riyadah has Competent Manpower & Resources
Pipeline Experience
  • Dealt with Pipeline Projects under Aramco Supervision:
           >  GPC Pipeline & Metering Skid EPC Project
           >  Sales Gas Delivery System Arcellor Mittal
           >  Tasnee, BUCO Plant Gas Delivery System
           >  Tasnee, SAAC Plant Gas Delivery System
           >  Royal Commission Fuel Feedstock Pipeline Project
  • Safety Record is Very High; Our Score is 100%
  • Quality Record is Very High; Our Score at 98%
  • There is Performance for Riyadah Over Competition